Cruelty Free Products

Cruelty-free Products 

Why Choose Cruelty Free Products?Many people are well aware of organic products, which comprise an ever-growing industry. However, many people are unaware of the finer distinctions of consumer products, including cruelty-free aspects. The “cruelty-free” designation is a crucial product certification that everyone should be aware of, indicating that products are made without causing any harm to animals.

Reasons to Buy Cruelty-free Products


•    Concern for Animal Rights


If you are an animal lover and feel animals are entitled to rights in sharing our planet, it is important that you consider buying products that are completely cruelty-free. The majority of animal rights supporters believe that animals should not be treated as property or used by humans for food, clothing, research or entertainment. Animal rights advocates assert that animal suffering should be given the same amount of attention as human suffering and the slaughter of animals should be considered as murder and accordingly punishable.


•    Welfare of Animals


Animal welfare is concerned with the physical and psychological wellbeing of animals. Many people are becoming increasingly aware about animal welfare, with the belief that animals are crucial to any community and that laws should be in place to protect them. Animal welfare left unaddressed within a community can result in reduced economic development, as animals are important for preserving biodiversity.


•    Ethical Consumption


Another important reason to buy cruelty-free products is the practice of ethical consumption. Many people support companies and brands that take measures to wildlife conservation and follow environmentally friendly approaches. Ethical consumers make a decision to neglect products that inflict harm to animals, negatively impact the environmental, or violate animal rights at all costs. They are concerned about environmental sustainability, animal rights and corporate social responsibility.


•    Veganism


Veganism is an increasingly popular concept and practice. Vegans describe those who practice dietary and ethical veganism, which means that they do not use any animal products in their daily diet and lifestyle. They choose products that come with cruelty-free labels, as they feel these products intersect with their beliefs and support their practices.


•    Safety


Using cruelty-free cosmetics like eyeliners and lipsticks not only helps you take a step for protecting animal rights, but can also be critical to you remaining safe. By choosing cruelty-free products, you can ensure that you are buying from a socially responsible manufacturer. Such products allow you to make the humane and ethical decision to promote animal welfare and fight against animal cruelty and allow you to remain aware and knowledgeable that the products you use are made through alternate testing methods, while helping you to be healthy and beautiful.