Adopt an animal




Adopting an animal is a great way to proactively help endangered animal species and preserve wildlife—many of which may live in parts of the world are beyond your reach. By contributing funds to such programs, you help organizations combat pollution, deforestation, hunting, poaching and other human-caused factors, and save endangered animals from extinction. Beyond the larger, global organizations addressing endangered species in the wildlife, many organizations sponsor domestic adoption programs to give animals relief from lives of cruelty spend in cages. It is also important to consider how you can support local animal agencies in your area, which conduct adoption and foster programs that allow you to welcome animals into your own home.



Whether adopting an animal in the wild, adopting an animal to free it from its cage, or adopting an animal as a beloved pet, you get the chance to contribute to animal conservation and welfare in a vital way. You can find a list of endangered species in the donate section of this website and choose the species to which you want to lend your support. Below are some links to help you find an animal in need.


Organizations Offering Adoption Programs


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World Wildlife Fund (WWF)




The aim of this organization is to protect the future of nature. By adopting an animal, you can give support to the worldwide efforts of this organization to protect wild animals and their habitats.
2 Born Free USA


Born Free USA offers adopt an animal program that lets you give your part to offer the care and protection required by animals. Once you adopt an animal, the organization will send you a gift pack and regular news updates. If you are an animal lover, adoption is an exquisite gift for yourself and for someone you love.




Bendigo RSPCA Rescue Visa cards fund the RSPCA Adopt a Pet program. You can become a cardholder to save the lives of wild animals every time you shop, as either a percentage of the amount spent or a minimum donation is sent to the RSPCA to help provide care and protection to thousands of animals every year.






Australian Koala Foundation The Foundation offers an “adopt a Koala” program that helps prevent Koala species from becoming extinct.



WWF Global


WWF has many offices offering animal adoption programs that let you adopt a species symbolically. You can provide funds to save some of the endangered species in the world.





ASPCA ASPCA is a reliable organization that helps you bring the right pet to your home and ensure whether your lifestyle is suitable for the pet. Caring for a pet animal is not simply providing food and shelter. It requires research and meticulous planning. ASPCA lends you a hand in this respect.



Pet Smart Charities



Pet Smart Charities welcomes local organizations that engage in animal welfare operations to become their approved adoption partners, who can assist in pet adoption processes via adoption centers of Pet Smart Charities. These partners find homes for over 7,000 pets in a week.




Tony La Russa – Animal Rescue Foundation


This organization offers an animal adoption program led by experienced professionals who work with potential adopters and help them find a suitable pet, as well as offer useful information and essential resources to start life with a pet.




The NAOH center offers a customer-friendly adoption environment, where potential adopters are treated fairly and animals are sure to get a suitable home. The center has pleasurable atmosphere with plenty of natural lighting, cat colonies and dog suites. It also has an updated veterinary clinic. Free or inexpensive sterilization surgery option is available for low-income pet owners. The NAOH center sits amidst lush area, which ensures calm atmosphere and safety.
10 Pet Finder


If you want the convenience of searching online for a suitable animal that needs a home, you can use Pet Finder’s service. Its database contains more than 13,000 adoption organizations and animal shelters in the U.S, Mexico and Canada. The aim of Pet Finder is to increase public awareness of the availability of quality pets that need home by using Internet technology, as well as helping increase the effectiveness of pet adoption programs and reducing or eliminating euthanasia of adoptable pets.