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For the better part of this century, animal species have been vanishing at a historically faster rate due to pollution, deforestation, poaching and overexploitation among other factors. Species’ survival has reached a critical juncture, with today’s leading scientists and philosophers asserting that saving animals is a vital practice for humans to save themselves. Conservation Hub exists to increase awareness about animal welfare by providing the most expansive information in the field. Conservation Hub believes that concern for animal welfare is based on human awareness that animals are sensitive, and so consideration should be given to their well-being. Awareness includes how human activities affect the survival of some endangered species, how animals are used for research projects, how animals are abused as pets, and how they are killed for food.

This website provides information, ranging from environmental news and career options in wildlife conservation to animal rights and pet care. Conservation Hub aims to satisfy the needs of every visitor by offering plenty of useful information across myriad topics related to animal welfare. It is the intent of this venue to create greater awareness among the public on treating all animals humanely and with compassion.

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” (Mahatma Gandhi).
Mission Statement

The mission of Conservation Hub is to promote animal welfare and strengthen the bond between humans and animals. To accomplish its mission, Conservation Hub offers information about animal welfare in the context of wildlife conservation and related fields to consumers, animal advocates and individuals belonging to various groups. In order to help protect animal species, Conservation Hub offers a list of organizations that work toward wildlife conservation, animal rehabilitation and advocacy, and other useful information that can help individuals contribute to the welfare of animals.

For animal lovers who prefer to buy cruelty-free products, Conservation Hub offers a list of cruelty-free brands, products, personal care items and household items—doing the research and organizing information to provide caring individuals with the resources they need to contribute to important causes and improve the lives of animals.

For fun-loving active individuals, Conservation Hub’s eco tours section can be of great use, providing a list of travel agencies that offer eco-tourism packages to support sustainable tourism as well as the welfare of animals. Affordable adventure or vacation options can be found right here on this website.

Conservation Hub believes in spreading awareness about the importance of animal welfare by following a community approach—forming a social network that allows individuals committed to the animal welfare cause to share information and engage with other likeminded people all over the world.


Conservation Hub wants your help in developing this website further, offering you the opportunity to contribute to animal rights and welfare advocacy. For this to happen, your feedback as well as additions of your personal experiences and expert knowledge is crucial. For the conservation and animal rights advocates, enthusiasts, movers and shakers, Conservation Hub invites you to contribute to this website to make it a more informative, interesting and educational resource for all.

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